Our Beliefs

We’re in the talent, leadership, and HR business to make a difference. If we don’t believe we can create a material impact in your organization, we won’t take on the work.

I wanted to build a firm that goes back to fundamentals. It is our belief that if we’re not stimulating debate, or helping you see things in a different way, bringing you new, interesting ideas, we’re not doing our job or helping you do yours.

I have tried to adhere to the basic ideas of service, collaboration, and insight. Simple (not simplistic), practical and meaningful solutions. And to do our work in a way that engages and develops people–both clients and consultants.

These beliefs almost sound old- fashioned given the state of many consulting firms who have lost their way– pursuing growth and revenue oftentimes at the expense of providing value to their clients; excellence has given way to ‘good enough’ so another project can be sold to the next client.

We put clients first.