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  • Are you a leader adding value or a rule-enforcing bureaucrat?

    The movie classic Office Space has a funny scene about a bureaucratic manager’s request for TPS reports.

    It is funny in the movie but not funny when we face it in organizational life and so many of us do.The bureaucrat believes in compliance whether or not the task before them provides any purpose. They

  • Companies and Leaders Who Inspire: Brunello Cucinelli

    When I founded my consulting firm and began writing this blog, my purpose was always to help people who want to change what is going on in the workplace– Leaders who want to get better and HR people who want to lead. 

    I have always been interested and excited by leaders and companies that

  • Fostering Reciprocity is Far More Powerful Than Any Incentive Scheme You Can Devise

    According to Webster’s Dictionary, reciprocity is 
    established when there’s a “shared feeling on both 
    sides.” It implies a “mutual or equivalent exchange 
    or giving back of what has been received.”

    In previous posts, I have written about the high levels of disengagement in the work place and what leaders can do to

  • What Does Your Boss Want From You?

    In this blog, I am going to do something different. For today’s post, I am joined by Steve Arneson, a friend and former client. Steve is a talent management , leadership consultant and executive coach having worked at Pepsi, Time Warner and Capital One. He is the author of several books, including his most recent,

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