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  • Getting the Best From Your People by Preventing the Worst

    In my previous post, I talked about the GM safety scandal and some of the reasons such things go on for so long without anyone “knowing”. In fact in all cases of corporate wrong doing and malfeasance, people do know but for many reasons the problems do not surface for long periods of time.

  • Obstacles for Building World Class Leadership Capability

    The former head of executive development-and now SVPHR for GE, Susan Peters once told me– without a touch of arrogance: “We will share what we do around talent and leadership with anyone — including our competitors — because we don’t believe it is replicatable.” Yet, what GE does is not all that complicated: It

  • Culture: A Primer and Some Maxims to Guide You

    Early in my consulting career, while working with an oil company in Texas, I remember once being at a meeting in their executive boardroom with the entire senior management team. All the executives were male, and all were wearing dark suits and white shirts. Half way through the meeting, a man in a uniform with

  • Nailing the Job Interview

    The job market appears to be thawing although slowly. In the past year, the number of private sector job openings in the US has risen 13% to 3.6 million, according to the U.S. Department of Labor And the ‘jobless recovery’ continues throughout much of the world there are positive signs in some sectors

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