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  • Questions For Every Leader

    Over the years in my work on helping clients select people for leadership roles and in my coaching executives to reach the C suite, I have used a number of questions that help them grapple with who they are as a leader. Here are several of the best:Why should anyone want to be led by

  • A Talent Mindset: How Do We Get One? Part II

    In my previous Blog Post, I talked about the ‘talent mindset’—what it is and I provided a simple diagnostic to help leaders and HR professionals determine whether they have one. The premise is that no matter how eloquent or thoughtful your talent initiatives, without that ‘mindset’ you will only make modest improvements. As one of

  • A Talent Mindset: What is it? And How Do I Know If My Organization Has One? Part I

    When Richard Fairbank, CEO and co-founder of Capital One, first articulated a vision in the late 1980s for a radically different credit card business, he was a lone voice. Credit cards everywhere cost the same: 19.8% annual percentage rate, $20 fee. Half of America couldn’t get them because banks rejected any applicant who didn’t

  • Do You Have the Discipline to Grow? Part III: HR’s Role in Driving Growth

    Two consulting situations stand out for me. Both companies were large, highly respected. In the first, leaders had targeted 11 growth markets around the globe. There were aggressive plans made based on detailed analyses of the markets; infrastructure investments were enormous and ROI calculated over a 5 year timetable. But there was no human capital

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